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What is Birdchain?

Birdchain is base in the era of sharing Economy allowing users to benefit greatly by using blockchain technology. Birdchain has multiple products coming up such as DEFI, NFT, etc.

Birdchain has currently built an incentivized App for the sharing economy era. It revolves around an easy-to-use, high engagement, marketing & content platform where users engage with content and get rewarded.


Connect your brand & grow your audience with Birdchain advertisement platform Run a highly targeted ads campaign and pay only when you get clicks.

We are a results-driven advertising platform, and we do things differently at Birdchain. Create an advertiser account now and run your campaign.


In-App Wallet Earn and Keep track of, hold, deposit and withdraw your BIRD tokens.

Defi Swap A decentralized exchange for swapping tokens on Binance Smart Chain.

NFT A market platform where users can easily create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for unique digital items like artworks, game items and more.

Download the App

Download BirdChain app now and earn on your phone!

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Download BirdChain app now and earn on your phone!
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BirdChain bep-20 details: BIRD - Decimals: 18 - #Contract Address: 0xc9c7c6a590e82c576de7553142d47a5fb63f9e90


#Explorer address